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If you are not sure, what kind of an interpretation you need, see our customer checklist, read about different types of interpretation we provide, or contact us. See also our language selection.

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We also provide translations of official documents. Among our workers we have authorized translators.

The total price of a translation is formed by the translation material, schedule and extra charges for rush orders and stamp.

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Types of interpretation

Tulkkikeskus Ästerä Oy provides four different types of interpretation

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpretation means that the speaker and the interpreter speak after one another, when they are physically in the same room. This type of an interpretation is used generally in different contacts with the authorities, in therapy, in trials and in meetings.

Remote interpreting

Phone interpreting is most practical, when you need an interpreter quickly, or for a short time.

Video interpreting is a form of interpretation, where an interpreter interprets via screen and sound.


In chuchotage the interpreter is usually sitting next to his/her listeners and interprets whispering or in a quiet voice to maximum a couple of listeners.

Chuchotage is normally used in monolingual situations, when only a few listeners need interpretation.


Simultaneous interpreting

In simultaneous interpretation the speaker and the interpreter are speaking at the same time. To be smooth, this type of interpretation requires soundproof interpretation booths and interpretation devices with headphones.

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Customer checklist

When you book an interpreter

  • The easiest way to book an interpreter, is to use our data protected booking form.
  • Besides basic information, it is good to mention special features of the interpretation circumstances, if any (e.g. home visit, topic of the interpretation, if the interpreter is required to anticipate somehow etc.).
  • You can also book an interpreter by phone 044 088 8802 or by e-mail

During interpretation

  • The interpreter interprets always using 1. person in singular, so the interpreted parties can communicate as smoothly as possible.
  • The interpreter interprets only the mutual conversation and does not add or remove anything.
  • The interpreter is always neutral and never expresses his/her personal opinions.
  • The interpreter always informs about his/her possible disqualification, due to interpretation circumstances, immediately after realizing it (e.g. kinship, friendship, debtor-creditor relationship, or disputes).
  • The interpreter is tied by professional secrecy. The interpreter obeys the ethical codes of community interpreters.

When ordering a translation

  • Do you want the whole text or just a part of it to be translated?
  • Will the legends be also translated, if any?
  • Which type of a text is it? (a document, info bulletin, sales brochure or something else). Do you need an authorized translation?
  • Usually a stamp of an authorized translator is required in documents presented to the authorities. More information about authorized translations here. What is the requested translation schedule?
  • Instead of Pdf-file the translation material should be in a ductile form (InDesign, Word, etc.), in order to make it easier for our translators to work with the file.

Ordering and cancellation terms and conditions


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