Canceling an ordered interpretation

Interpretation is invoiced according to the booked time in following situations:

  • Interpretation is canceled on the previous office-day after 12:00 p.m., on the very day of the interpretation or on the spot.
  • Interpretation has not been canceled via our office. Please, note that the official cancellations must be carried out via our office, never via the interpreter.
  • The interpreter realizes on the spot that he/she is disqualified to interpret the person/customer in question due to insufficient information provided by the customer (e.g. if the name of the interpreted person has not been available to the interpreter).
  • In case the customer or the authority does not arrive, the interpreter waits for the customer for 20 minutes, after which he/she can agree with the authority about leaving. On a request of the authority the interpreter can wait for the whole booked time.

Travel costs, caused by cancellation, will be invoiced in full sum, in case the interpretation is not taking place in the office of our client.


Canceling a booked translation

Customer is invoiced for canceling a translation order, if the project has been started. Minimum charge is 0,5 pages, or according to the already translated number of pages. If you are forced to cancel a booked translation, please, contact our office immediately.


Cancellations by us

If an interpreter of the agency is not capable to take care of the assignment, due to sickness or obscurity in the order, our aim is to agree about the assignment with the customer. Primary options are booking another interpreter, phone interpretation or scheduling a new time.